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Why Do Motors Need Thermal Protectors?
Category: Company News
Date: 2023-10-27
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Author: 恒新精密电器

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of social productivity, many new production equipments have emerged around us. Electric motors are widely used in our production and daily life. Due to the high requirements of production and the complexity of the production environment, our factory's motors often malfunction, which can bring great trouble to production. In order to avoid affecting the production efficiency of the factory, we have added thermal protectors on them. For the safety of consumers, non-automatic reset protectors have emerged. Next, let's analyze why the motor needs to be equipped with a thermal protector.

Due to the continuous development of science and insulation technology, the design of electric motors requires both increased output and reduced volume, resulting in a smaller and weaker thermal capacity and overload capacity of new motors. Due to the improvement of production automation, it is required that electric motors frequently operate in various ways such as frequent starting, braking, forward and reverse rotation, and variable load, which puts higher requirements on motor protection equipment. In addition, motors have a wider range of applications and are often used in extremely harsh environments, such as damp, high temperature, dusty, and corrosive environments. In addition, there are non-standard motor repair and equipment management omissions. All of these have resulted in the current motor being more prone to damage than in the past. The purpose of selecting motor protection equipment is not only to fully utilize the overload capacity of the motor, but also to avoid damage, and to improve the reliability and production continuity of the electric drive system. When choosing to protect equipment and personal safety at the same time, it is necessary to consider several contradictory factors, such as reliability, economy, simple structure, convenient operation, maintenance and replacement, etc.


It is obvious that thermal protectors have a significant protective effect on motors. Even if the quality of the motor is good, it cannot adapt to complex production environments. Therefore, the use of motors still has requirements, which confirms its strict requirements. However, we have produced TP series thermal protectors and other motor protectors, which largely solve these problems. And provide a safer MTP series manually reset thermal protector for household appliances.

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