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PT100 Temperature Sensor

  • PT100 Temperature Sensor
PT100 Temperature Sensor
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Quick Details

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Model Number: PT100

Usage: Industrial

Theory: Temperature Sensor

type: PT100

Probe: stainless steel

dia,: 6mm

material: platinum

Packagin g & Delivery

Packaging Detail:

plastic + carton

Delivery Detail:

T/T Advance

PT100 Temperature Sensor 

1.probe dia.0.5-10mm 
2.protected by spring cable fitted with adjustable cap. 
PT100 temperature sensor  manufactured in many different configurations for multitude of applications. Diameters, lengths, sheath material, lead lengths and sensor material are just a few of the variables that go into determining the style of thermocouple when manufactured. The main determining factors of what type thermocouple needs to be used in a application is temperature, environment, response time and accuracy. The junction of the thermocouple can be grounded, ungrounded or exposed. The thermocouple junction may be of many different styles, from tube type to a washer configuration. The lead length may vary depending on the distance of the temperature controller from the thermocouple sensor. The metal that the sensor is constructed of determines the type of thermocouple manufactured.

• Plastic injection molding machinery 
• Food processing equipment 
• Engine and turbine exhaust gas 
• Semiconductor processing 
• Heat treating and metals processing 
• Medical equipment 
• Aerospace industries 
• Packaging equipment 
• Test stands

• Thermocouple Wires: Cromel-Alumel, Iron- Constant, Copper-Constant, imported Bright & Oxidized finish, SWG 10 to 36. PT/PTRH 10%, 13% . 
• Thermocouple Extension & Compensating Cables: Fiber glass covered, PVC / PVC. Asbestos / Asbestosis, Teflon/Teflon, Insulated, Teflon/Fg/SS Braided single pair, multi pair, Type K, J, T, R, and PT-100 RTD Cables 2 core, 3 core, 4 core , 6 core, Also Teflon /silicon rubber Teflon/shielded/Teflon etc qualities. 
• Thermocouple M.I. Cables: SS 316, 310 & Inconel 600 quality type K, J, Simplex 1mm,1.5mm, Simplex & Duplex 3mm,6mm, 8mm, also PT-100 RTD Thermocouple M I Cables SS 316 quality. 3mm, 5mm, 6mm 4 core 
• Thermocouple Assemblies: Straight, L Type , Rotating type, Inmelt Bolt type, Pencil type, Washer, Holder with Spring. Rotating Type, Adjustable Types etc. Made out of SS tube 4.8mm, 6mm,supplied with Spring & Brass bayonets Single Slot & Double Slot , 10mm id, 12mm id, 14mm id, etc. 
• Thermocouple Brass Parts: ADAPTORS 1/8 BSP, 1/4 BSP, 1/2 BSP, 3/8 BSP Single Pin, Double pin Bayonets 

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