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MZ6 Series PTC Temperature-controlled

  • MZ6 Series PTC Temperature-controlled
MZ6 Series PTC Temperature-controlled
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Product Name: MZ6 Series PTC Temperature-controlled 

The sensors can be widely used at those work sites which need overheat protection. When the sensors are fixed in those facilities that need overheat protection, they are able to keep the facilities from accidents and damages caused by overheating.

The sensors are the special ones used for overheat alarm and protection. They are made from the advanced technology introduced from abroad. PTC temperature-controlled sensors are made of mini heat-variable resistors. They are of small size, endurance strength, good stability and excellent sensitiveness. All the technical criteria have reached the level of the same products in the world.

In operation, you may use one piece or several pieces connected in series, which can control the temperatures at different points and are good to reduce the cost.

Technical data:
The controlled temperatures of the sensors range from TK60℃ to TK180℃ore. There is a 5℃ interval between the controlled-temperature TK according to the specification. We are able to make such sensors between one and six cores according to customers' requirementa.




Control temp & Colour code


Indication of type:
MZ6 120 D S 500 200 200 500
MZ6 M Sensitive component Z Positive temperature coefficient 6 Temperature-controlled type
120 Temperature of the temperature-controlled point (TK)
D D 3-core Z 2-core E 1-core V 4-core S 6-core
S K The length of customers' special lead-out wire S Standard length of lead-out wire
500 200 200 500 Standard length of lead-out wire
Note: The above examples of type are for the sensors which have 3 cores, the standard length of lead-out
wire and the controlled-point of temperature is 120℃

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